What is the Proper Etiquette When Using Valet Parking

Whether you’re already an expert of using a valet parking service or you have never used one before, we will outline some tips that will help you feel more confident and comfortable using a valet service going forward.

  • When pulling up to the valet queue, be ready to exit the vehicle promptly.
  • Try to avoid handing the ‘greeter’ a keychain with 20 other keys.
  • If your windows are rolled down, no need to roll them up. The attendant will roll them up for you.
  • Optional, but always very appreciated, hand the valet a small tip. In most cases, $5 will work.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to smile and say hello, this goes a long way.
  • If you notice there is space up front available and wish for your car to be parked there, a $20 bill will do the trick in most instances.
  • Please try to avoid leaving your claim ticket in the car. Tuck it away safely in your wallet or purse and take it with you.
  • And it’s worth repeating, tuck your ticket away somewhere safe where you know you will sintomasdelsida.org be able to find it later. Losing your ticket will slow down the process of retrieving your car. The attendants will have to check ID and match it up with the car registration and we know you son’t want to have to go through all that.
  • And, this one means so much to your valet team, please request your car only if you are ready to leave 🙂 If you’re still having small talk with friends and family, wait until you’re finished to request your car. This helps the valet team in keeping traffic flowing smoothly for you and for all of their customer’s.
  • And, one last thing, if you have had too many drinks and are taking alternative transportation, please make arrangements with the valet so that you will have access to your car and keys the following day.

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