Proper Valet Etiquette When Using Parking

Using valet parking is a convenient and easy method to park your vehicle, especially in busy or congested areas. It involves handing over your vehicle keys to a trained and professional driver or a valet, who then parks your vehicle for you in a safe location. Upon your return, the valet retrieves your vehicle, thus saving you time and minimizing the stress of finding a suitable parking spot.

Despite the convenience it provides, many individuals may feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with using valet services. A significant part of this unease can stem from not knowing the proper valet etiquette when using such services. Gaining knowledge about the right way to interact, tip, and prepare your vehicle for valet parking can make a significant difference in your overall experience. Therefore, understanding valet etiquette is critical to ensuring a smooth, efficient, and gratifying parking experience.

Before Arrival

Before you make use of a valet service, it is crucial to be prepared and informed. This can make your valet parking experience a lot smoother and more enjoyable. From preparing your vehicle to knowing specific details about the valet service, every little bit of preparation helps.


Your preparation before using valet services consists of a couple of key steps. First, ensure you have enough cash on hand to tip your valet – this tip is a token of your appreciation for their service and is generally expected in the industry.

Secondly, remember to remove all personal valuables from your car. While professional valet services like Black Diamond Valet prioritize the safety and security of your vehicle, it’s still a wise move to store away any expensive or sentimental items. Not only does this protect your belongings, but it also gives you peace of mind while your car is in the hands of the valet.

Directions and Details

Having accurate details about the valet service location and their operating hours is essential. Knowing these specifics helps prevent confusion and ensures a stress-free arrival and departure. Always make sure to verify the location, be aware of the operating hours, and have an estimate of how long you’re going to park. This information usually can be found on the service provider’s website or by contacting them directly. If you are using a service like Black Diamond Valet, our team is always available and willing to provide this information and answer any concerns you may have.

During Arrival

As you arrive at your destination, coming face-to-face with the valet staff, there are certain etiquette protocols to follow. This interaction is key as it sets the tone for your overall valet parking experience. Remember, good manners and clear communication go a long way in ensuring things run smoothly.

First Impressions

Your first encounter with the valet attendant is a crucial part of the experience for both you and the attendant. Begin with a smile and politely greet the valet attendant. A simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Good evening’ can boost the mood for the entire interaction. Courtesy and respect show that you value the attendant’s work and set a positive atmosphere.

Key Handover

One of the main responsibilities during a valet service is the handover of your car keys. For a smooth process, have your car key ready as soon as you pull up. Hand it over to the valet attendant responsibly, confirming that it has been properly received. It’s smart to separate your car keys from any other keys for convenience.

Information Sharing

Convey all necessary details to the valet clearly. These details might include information about your car, problems it might have, or how certain features work. This is also the time to explain essential facts, like when you plan on leaving or retrieving your car. If you receive a claim ticket, keep it safe since it’s essential for retrieving your vehicle later.

Being aware of these valet etiquette rules will certainly make your parking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Tipping Etiquette

One of the most important aspects of using valet service is understanding and practicing appropriate tipping etiquette. Being generous and reasonable with your tips will ensure that your vehicle gets extra attention and care.

Initial Tip

The question of whether or not to tip when you drop off your car can vary depending on location and tradition. Some people opt to give a tip during both drop off and pick up, especially if they will need their car several times during their stay. Others prefer to tip only upon vehicle retrieval. You can ask whether tipping is customary at drop-off when you make your reservation, or you can observe what other customers do when you arrive.


Figuring out the appropriate tipping amount can often be a challenge. In most cases, a standard tip is between $2 to $5. However, factors that can influence this amount include the level of service you receive, the type of event, and the locale. For instance, if the valet was speedy, handled your luggage, or provided superior customer service, you might want to tip more generously. Moreover, if you’re at an upscale event or in a city where cost of living is high, it may be customary to give a higher tip.

Remember, tipping is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for good service, so ensure your tipping habits mirror the service you received. It’s also important to note that tips are often shared among the valet team, so you’re acknowledging the effort of the whole team. Effective tipping, as a part of valet etiquette, contributes to a better parking experience for you and your valet.

Retrieving Your Vehicle

Once you’ve enjoyed your time at your chosen establishment, it becomes time to retrieve your vehicle. Proper valet etiquette still applies during this crucial step to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone’s time is respected.


Consideration of the valet personnel’s time is vital. If you know when you’ll be needing your car, contact the valet service ahead of time whenever possible. This allows the attendants to retrieve your vehicle efficiently, ensuring it is ready when you are without any unnecessary waiting on either end. This shows respect for the valet’s time and contributes to a smoother, more efficient service.

Final Tip

Upon receiving your vehicle, it’s proper etiquette to tip the valet who retrieves your car, even if you tipped it at the beginning when you dropped it off. Remember, tips often get shared amongst the whole team, so tipping upon retrieval ensures the individual who returns your vehicle is fairly compensated for their service.

Practicing courtesy during the vehicle retrieval process is indispensable. Both proper planning and a gracious final tip reflect highly on your understanding of valet etiquette and lead to an all-around better parking and retrieval experience.

Handling Issues

Even with top-notch valet service providers, occasional issues or discrepancies might arise. How you handle these situations is equally important in maintaining proper valet etiquette.

Discrepancies or Damages

If you notice any discrepancies or damages to your vehicle that weren’t there before, address them immediately and calmly with the valet service. It’s best to check your car for any potential problems before leaving the pickup area. The valet should reference the condition report that was filled out when you first handed over your car. Under no circumstances should you berate or engage in a heated argument with the valet staff. Always approach the situation with understanding and patience.


Providing feedback to the valet service is a wonderful way to acknowledge their work or express any concerns. If the valet service was exceptional, it is nice to let them know. You could directly tell the valet staff or potentially submit a positive review online. On the other hand, if there were issues, consider offering constructive feedback directly to the management so they can address it. Remember, the goal of feedback is to improve and maintain the service, not to disparage the staff.

Practicing proper valet etiquette when addressing issues not only helps in maintaining a positive environment and relationship with the valet service but could also assist in receiving a more satisfactory resolution to any problems.

Special Scenarios

Like many other services, valet parking comes with its own unique scenarios that require specific etiquette. Understanding how to navigate these occurrences can guarantee a seamless and stress-free experience.

Event Valet Services

When attending high-volume events like weddings or parties, the valet service is often handling a large influx of vehicles. Exercise patience, even if there’s a wait. If you’re anticipating needing your car multiple times during the event, communicate this to the valet during the initial drop-off. In events, it is often customary to tip more generously due to the increased workload.

Hotel Valet Services

The etiquette for hotel valet services differs slightly. Since your car may stay with the service for a few days, it’s considerate to tip each time the valet retrieves your vehicle. The rule of calling ahead when you need your car still applies to keep the system running smoothly. If you’ve had exceptional service, consider sharing your positive experience with the hotel management.

Understanding the nuances of these scenarios will refine your valet etiquette further. Regardless of the context, good communication, patience, and respect are the underpinnings of a positive valet experience.

Parting Thoughts

As we come to the end of this article, it’s important to remember that these etiquette tips for using valet parking services are designed to ensure a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Valet services are provided to give you convenience and ease. When you present yourself politely, are prepared ahead of time, and handle issues calmly and respectfully, you contribute to the overall smooth operation of the valet service. Tipping generously also shows your appreciation for the valet attendants who work tirelessly to ensure your car’s safety and prompt service.

Incorporating these practices into your valet parking activities will not only make your experiences more pleasurable but will also reflect well on you as a client. In the world of valet parking, respect and consideration flow both ways.

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